Fifth Grade Technology Applications
Session 35

Within the PicLits website, choose any picture and then use the word list to create a sentence.
You will then save the picture and sentence you completed using the TechApps username: and password: .....
Before you leave class today, you will need to create aPicLit sentence about Field Day.

Use Battleship Numberline to explore number placement.

Explore BBC Science Links Independent Practice.

Session 34
View Sky High Counseling Activity
Buda Library Summer Reading Program Assembly
Colt Field Day

Session 33
Technology Assessment
Use one of these while others finish the assessment:
Mock Animation to explain: Water Cycle, Moon Cycle, Carbon Cycle, Metamorphosis
Use KidRexif you need more information about the Cycles.

Session 32
Mock- Animation
Draw a Stickman
Create an animation using program of choice.

Session 31
Warm Up NitroTyping

Story Bird

Session 30

Session 29
Green School Voting

Story Bird
*read, explore
*create a story with 5 pages
*use complete sentences
*editing with a friend
*request permission/assistance to publish.
Logging in
Username: ches-seat number
Password: see Mrs. Williams

Session 28

Session 26 and 27
Hunger game Virtual Capitol
Skills to choose from need to be:
Typing Games

Spring Break Little Book

Save-Print- Cut- Fold

Story Starters
March 8th:
Show how fast you can you finish Keyboard Climber? Work to find the letters on your way up the coconut tree. Raise your hand to show the teacher you have made it to the top in space with the word Finished.
Practice Typing and Math with
Sections that are open:
Time Money

Session 25
(Thursday and Friday classes will do this lesson after spring break due to weather and the 3rd grade performance. I will let you know when that will be so you are prepared to bring your device.
Geocaching: Purpose introduce an activity using technology and nature. Maybe you and your family might consider trying the real world geocaching over spring break.

Session 24
Geocaching Introduction and Information. Click to fill out survey, ask question or read the FAQ's.

Show how fast you can you finish Keyboard Climber? Work to find the letters on your way up the coconut tree.

Once you get to the top you may explore Seussville. First raise your hand so your teacher can make sure you reached your goal.


Session 23
Finish creating Poem, Story, Rap, Song
Use Blabberize or Voki to record.
**Blabberize** **Username:**
**Voki** **Username:**

Session 22
BrainPOP Poem video
View projects made last year in Blabberize.

Create a Poem

Draw a digital illustartion to go with the poem. This will be used in Blabberize.
Finish Superbowl Excel Scores

Practice Typing and Math with


Skills to choose from need to be:
Typing Games

Session 20, 21
Finish Super Bowl Excel activity. Stating the Mean, Median, Mode and Range for Winning and Losing Teams.

Share your thoughts about middle school with a New Post on 5th Grade Blog then you may comment on other blogs.

Session 19
5th Grade Blog Share your thoughts about middle school on your own blog, then you may comment on other blogs.

Typical Super Bowl Scores: Graphing, Solving and Predicting

Use the data to create an excel document. You will need to decide what information is needed.
Finding the Mean, Median, Mode, Range for Winning and Losing Teams.
Google Doc to Submit Answers

Session 17, Session 18
Blog Example from The University of Texas

5th Grade Blog
Comments, Topics, Reply to Comments
Session 16 Assignments then:
Followed by student choice of sites from the Holidays Page. Each site opens in a new window so just click the X to change activities.

Session 14 and 15
Program Practice
Then Online practice math skills and typing skills while safely challenging others: Arcademic Skill Builders

Session 13
Finish creating your Prezi.
Your project needs:
Name of the College
Location of the college. Use KidRex to search.
Insert pictures from the T Drive in the TechApps 5th grade Folder
3 statements learned from the student interview
Then make Paths.

Session 12
Education Go Get It: Discussion, Notes and Learning Prezi

Students will listen and take notes on videos of students sharing their thoughts about college.
Students will then learn about Prezi and how to create a prezi.
They will choose a University to create a prezi by inserting pictures saved on the Student Saved Work T: Drive
Write 3 lessons learned from the videos.
And state where the college is located using KidRex to search..
Session 11
Virtual M&Ms

Session 10
Learn about The Golden Keyboard Challenge
Take Hands On Challenge WPM Golden Keyboard: WPM place score in Excel shared spreadsheet on the T Drive.
Cup Stacking Keyboarding Challenge (great connection to PE where they are doing cup stacking)

ession 9
Active Listening:
Watch Where the Wild Things Are (Claymation) from YouTube watch how Technology and Art are working together.

What happened at the beginning of the story? The middle? The end?
Do you think Max really sailed to where the wild things are? Have you ever had a dream about a "wild thing?

Teacher Demo then Student Hands (Mrs. Williams will assist to save with a print screen)
Build your Wild Self

Continue working with to work on Keyboarding. or Super Hyper Spider Typer from CLICKS in the Technology Section

Session 8
Finish Book Talk Slides QR codes with 70% accuracy
Home Row
Upper Row
Lower Row

Session 7
Day 3:
Open saved PowerPoint file from the T Drive
Finish aspects from the last two weeks.

Create QR Code:
Go to Special Projects Wiki Page and copy URL for your book talk summary slide.
Create QR code at QR Stuff
Print code. These will be delivered to the library to be placed in CHES books!

Session 6
Day 2:
Open saved PowerPoint file from the T Drive last week
Insert Picture of Book Cover from the T Drive
Insert Text Box to place the Call Number
Double Check Editing
Save then Save as JPEG

Session 5
Day 1:
Open PowerPoint
Input summary in a text box
Input review in a text box
Design: Change Background color
Insert: Shape
Move words into shape
Click two time on either the words or the shape.
Choose bring forward, or backward.
Session 4
The student will create and explore Publisher by making a flyer as an “All About Me” Activity.
An Avatar Claymation Picture will be made for the personal picture to be added.

Session 3
Brain POP Video: Internet Safety
Finish Internet Safety Slides from last week.
(Note to the public: spelling was not the focus, the content of being safe on the Internet and exploring PowerPoint was the goal of the lesson)

Session 2
View Tumble Books Internet Safety: "Little Red In Cyberspace" ebook .
Students will then create a PowerPoint slide(s) while working with a partner.
They to explain a rule to be safe on the Internet.
Students need to change the font size and color.
Make the background a color.
And insert a clip art.
Save to the T drive.

These PPT slides will then be imported into Animoto for a grade level finished project.
When Done Review:
CLICKS Keyboarding Practice

Session 1
Students will learn where they will sit in the computer lab.
Students will take pictures of each other. These pictures will be used for seating arrangements.
They will learn the behavior expectations.
The Hays Acceptable Use Agreement lesson will be taught and discussed.
Students will fill out CHES Computer Corral Doc