Kindergarten Technology Applications
Session 35
KidPix: Students create a picture and sentence to reflect on Field Day. Save with teacher help and Print.
Use Battleship Numberline to explore number placement.

Session 34
SmartBoard: BBC Science Links followed by Independent Practice

Session 33

Use MaxWrite Template to create a Mother's Day Letter.

Session 32 to work on Basic Technology Skills

Reward for working hard with

Session 31
Reading Bear change font size and click to advance presentation. Short Vowel Quiz to self check.

Session 30
(Monday-Thursday) Program Practice

Watch BrainPOP Reduce Reuse Recycle
Share statements for a class Wordle done in Shared Writing

Session 29
Green School Voting
Program Practice in the Cafeteria

Session 28
Spring Peter Rabbit Activites

Session 27

Spring picture and sentence


MeeGenius eBooks

Session 26
Create a scene of wildflowers with KidPix using the circle tool and changing colors.

Session 25

Show how fast you can you finish Keyboard Climber? Work to find the letters on your way up the coconut tree.



Session 24

Show how fast you can you finish Keyboard Climber? Work to find the letters on your way up the coconut tree.

Once you get to the top you may explore Seuss-ish. First raise your hand so your teacher can make sure you reached your goal.


Session 23
Explore and Create words.

Session 22
How are email and postal mail same and different?
Watch a video on BrainPOP about email.
Compose a class email via shared writing.

Whole Class: Arthur's Valentine







February 9th:
Show how fast you can you finish Keyboard Climber? Work to find the letters on your way up the coconut tree.
Work with letters and numbers on ABCya to work on skills.

Session 21
View your penguin video from last week.
Work with ABCya to work on skills.

Session 20
View BrainPOP video on Penguins.
Draw a Penguin in KidPix.
Save drawing in KidPix.
Student Examples:
Mrs. Marek's Class

Mrs. Doherty's Class

Mrs. Wheeler's Class

Ms. Crawford's Class

Mrs. Collins' Class

Session 19
Whole Class: The Penguin Chick
Whole Class: How to complete Penguin Math Book

Session 18
View Snowflake Bentley video.
Next students will create their own snowflake in Kidspiration kidspiration.pngand save the file.


Session 17
Max Write Creation and Save

Session 16 Assignments then:
View together:

Followed by student choice of sites from the Holidays Page. Each site opens in a new window so just click the X to change activities.

Session 15
Complete activities from that have not been finished.

Session 14
View the 12 Days of Christmas Video to be come familiar with the gifts from this song.

Then use the SmartBoard to go on a virtual Train Trip about Christmas Price Index
as we learn about the price of these gifts. Discuss if they are > = < when compared to the prices last year.


Session 13
Thankful For... Inspired by: What are you thankful 4

Session 12
**View and discuss** **Education Go Get It Prezi**
Then using Max Show create pictures of self in college and a college building.

Session 11
SmartBoard Intoduction with Math
Session 10


Session 9

Watch Where the Wild Things Are

Discussion: What happened at the beginning of the story? The middle? The end? Do you think Max really sailed to where the wild things are? Have you ever had a dream about a "wild thing"?

Teacher Demo then Student Hands (Mrs. Williams will assist to save)
MaxShow Create a Wild Thing by Drawing and using the Paint Tools.
Tuesday Wild Self

Wednesday Wild Self

Cup Stacking Keyboarding Challenge (great connection to PE where they are doing cup stacking)

Kidspiration Exploration in Math area

Session 8
Finish letters
Navigating the desktop lesson
Discussion of troubleshooting if program freezes. Suggestions of what to do. How to reheard directions on the program click the "?"

Session 7 Introduction
Username/Password (Shhh do not share!)
Selecting,clicking and drag, double-click,

Session 6
MaxWrite More Tools
Font Tools
Paint Tools

external image pdf.png MaxWrite Part2.pdf

Session 5
MaxWrite Introduction
Opening Program, Selecting Grade and Teacher
Typing Name
Curser, Backspace and Arrows
Word Art, Create, Resize, Move
Insert Clip Art, Resize, Move

Session 4
Navigating the Internet (CLICKS)
Review Opening Internet from Last Week
How to navigate to the Kinder Technology Section of CLICKS
Continue Mouse skills with Gingerbread Man
Navigate to Super Hyper Spider Typer
Look for Letters on Keyboard

Session 3

Internet Safety: Brain POP Jr.

Navigating the Internet (CLICKS)Mouse Skills to Open and Close links and the Internet
Session 2
Watch from YouTube It looks like Spilt Milk Book
Learn drawing skills from Kidpix.
Students will then independently go to KidPix to practice drawing while developing Mouse Skills.
Students will be given permission to Print so we can make class book.
Students will Continue working on Mouse skills with
Find the Technology

Session 1
Students will learn where they will sit in the computer lab.
They will learn the behavior expectations.
The Hays Acceptable Use Agreement lesson will be taught and discussed.
A shared writing activity will be done using Wordle to exhibit Technology Vocabulary learned during this first session.
K_Monday.png kinder_wordle_thursday.png