Classroom Expectations for Conversation, Getting Help, Activity, Movement, Participation is stated on our CHAMPS chart.
The Crayons are moved depending on the grade level, class and activity. Anytime it is moved the expectation of change is shared with students.

Most often they "settings" are:
0: when on carpet
1: when at computer stations

Between "Raise Hand" and "Help a Friend". Often by asking a friend the question can be answered as I make my way around the room.

These are index cards and they are changed out during each grade level.

Usually at "Ask for Permission" because if a student needs to leave for the restroom I need to be aware they are leaving.
Students move from the carpet to computers and back again many times during a session. This helps the wiggles and keeps the brain ready for more learning.

This varies often during a class period and the crayons are moved to reflect. Trying your best and learning something new, might be hard but what we're here to do!