Third Grade Technology Applications

Session 35

Within the PicLits website, choose any picture and then use the word list to create a sentences.

You will then save the picture and sentence you completed using the TechApps username: and password: .....

Before you leave class today, you will need to create aPicLit sentence about Field Day.

Use Battleship Numberline to explore number placement.

Work on lessons for Technology

Explore BBC Science Links Independent Practice.

Session 34
Work on finishing up skills.
Science Skills from the BBC at various levels.
Use Variation Detective to review adaptations.
Complete Variation to sort animals by characteristics.
Use Plant and Animal Habitats to place plants and animals in the correct habitats. Read clues carefully.
When done return back to or practice typing with
Session 33
Why Carpenter Hill is great: Wordle
Finish any StoryBird.

Session 32
Mock- Animation Following directions, reading and drawing.
Draw a Stickman to work on basic skills for technology.

Practice Typing
Molly's Sky Words

Session 31
Molly's Sky Words

Story Bird


Session 30

Session 29
Green School Voting
Review math concepts from classroom.
Story Bird
Continue writing, editing, publish.
Read, explore, comment on others.
Logging in
Username: ches-seat number
Password: see Mrs. Williams

Session 28

Session 26, 27
Spring Break Little Book

Story Starters

March 8th:
Show how fast you can you finish Keyboard Climber? Work to find the letters on your way up the coconut tree. Raise your hand to show the teacher you have made it to the top in space with the word Finished.

Practice Typing and Math with Skill Builders. Use CHES-- as your identifier.
Sections that are open:

Session 25
Program Practice

Session 24

Show how fast you can you finish Keyboard Climber? Work to find the letters on your way up the coconut tree.

Once you get to the top you may explore Seuss-ish sites. First raise your hand so your teacher can make sure you reached your goal.

sites-pbs-catinhat.png seuss.png

Story Bird
Session 23
Continue with StoryBird

Session 22
Watch from Discovery Education: Adjectives for Armando
Create and save a PowerPoint slide describing your favorite food. Bold the adjectives.
Insert a clipart that goes with your sentence.

Practice Typing and Math with
Skills to choose from need to be:
Typing Games

storybird.jpg StoryBird Stories from CHES.

Session 20
Wall Wisher Super Bowl Score Prediction

Story Bird
Read and Explore
Logging in
Username: ches-seat number
Password: see Mrs. Williams

Begin story

Session 19

Wall Wisher Super Bowl Score Prediction

Continue Blogging then Assignments and Lessons

Session 17, Session 18

3rd Grade Blog: Comments, Topics, Reply to Comments

Session 16 Assignments then:
Followed by student choice of sites from the Holidays Page. Each site opens in a new window so just click the X to change activities.

Session 15
Create a graph from the data collected from the Christmas Price Index.
Create a Graph

Session 14
View the 12 Days of Christmas Video to be come familiar with the gifts from this song.

Students will use the Christmas Price Index
to gather data about the price of these gifts. Record if they are > = <.
After the information is gathered students will write true statements based.

Session 13

Thankful For... Inspired by: What are you thankful 4

Session 12
Internet Safety Review BrainPOP
Discussion about:
Usernames, Meeting people in Person, Videos, Games and Pictures, being a good digital citizen
Use the following game to practice math while also using a safe Username at school.
Then Online practice math skills and typing skills while safely challenging others: Arcademic Skill Builders

Session 11

Making a Name Word Cloud in Tagxedo

Session 10
Session 9
Active Listening:
Watch Where the Wild Things Are... Think about how Art, Music, Technology and Reading all came together to create!

Discussion: What happened at the beginning of the story? The middle? The end?
Do you think Max really sailed to where the wild things are? Have you ever had a dream about a "wild thing?

Teacher Demo then Student Hands (Mrs. Williams will assist to save with a print screen)
Build your Wild Self

Continue working with to work on Keyboarding.

Session 8
Username/Password (Shhh do not share!)
Complete the following lessons with 70% accuracy
Discussion of hand placement while learning this new skill.
Home Row
Upper Row
Lower Row
Discussion of troubleshooting if program freezes. Suggestions of what to do. How to reheard directions on the program click the "?"

Session 7 Introduction
Username/Password (Shhh do not share!)
Upper Row
Lower Row

Session 6
Use Wordle to make a list about self.
Use ~ between words
Try your best for spelling

Session 4-5
View Internet safety presentations from 4th and 5th grade.
Work with Word
Name Poem using the tools learned last week in Word to create a name poem.

Session 3
Students will use Microsoft Word and type in a list of words. They will practice changing the font, size, color, style,and alignment of the words.
Make each word different.

Save document to shared drive and Exit program.
Keyboard Practice when done.

Session 2
Discuss what it means to be a digital citizen and being safe on the Internet.
Complete the adventure while reading and interacting on a site about Internet Safety
Adventure of Three Cyber Pigs
Students will then use KidPix to write a safety statement on how to be safe while on the Internet. Then Use the Draw Tools to make an illustration for your statement.
When done:
Keyboard Practice from CLICKS
Session 1
Students will learn where they will sit in the computer lab.
They will learn the behavior expectations.
The Hays Acceptable Use Agreement lesson will be taught and discussed.
M/T Students will reflect using WallWisher. Wallwisher (change in activity due to network)

W/T/F Use KidPix to draw an expectation for the computer lab and/or draw and label a computer.